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Varenr.: DVO

G LAB Dual Vintage Overdrive

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Pris med rabat: kr. 400,00
Pris: kr. 400,00
Pris uden moms: kr. 400,00
Pris: kr. 400,00

Dual Vintage Overdrive fra polske G Lab er en avanceret 2-kanals Overdrive/Distortion pedal/preamp med masser af muligheder og fed lyd!

Står fuldstændig som ny!  Nypris var 2.300 kr.




The Dual Vintage Overdrive is a full analog foot preamp suitable for every guitar player. As well beginners as advanced players or even professional musicians are searching for the New, the Best and the Unique tones of their guitars. Everybody will find not just one tone but tones of new tones – very special for themselves. More, the guitar player will be able to easily and quickly switch between 3 tone-presets: on 2 channels with individually adjusted overdrive and choose one mode from: SOLO, CLEAN or BYPASS.

It is recommended to connect DVO to power amplifier ( if the amp has effect loop then connect to RETURN connector). In this case the tone will depend on the amps PRESENCE control.
DVO preamp sounds very good with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

Basic characteristics:

  • classical guitar tube pre-amp emulated by selected FET transistors
  • 3 point timbre control identical with tube amp characteristics: TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS
  • two overdriven channels (CHANNEL 1, CHANNEL 2) with gain control (GAIN), BOOST switches and volume control (VOLUME); enabling to perform CLEAN, CRUNCH or FULL OVERDRIVEN sounds
  • SOLO function with +3 dB or +5 dB boost
  • four working modes of footswitches (set by DIP switches):
    1. CHANNEL 1,   CHANNEL 2,   SOLO (CHANNEL 2 +3 dB or +5 dB boost)
    2. CHANNEL 1, CHANNEL 2, SOLO (currently active +3 dB or +5 dB boost)
    Below are presented operations of particular modes of working (please magnify).
    Mode of working No. 1
    Mode of working No. 1, magnify
    Mode of working No. 2
    Mode of working No. 2, magnify
    Mode of working No. 3
    Mode of working No. 3, magnify
    Mode of working No. 4
    Mode of working No. 4, magnify
  • clean channel with volume control (CLEAN)
  • independent guitar TUNER output with the silent tuning function
  • PRE OUT output with buffered direct signal from a guitar
  • FOOT PEDAL input for controlling by the GSC controller or by a footswitch
  • two modes of working with an amp by using "DVO switching cable":
    - using pre-amp’s settings
    - skipping pre-amp and providing signal (from CHANNEL 1 or CHANNEL 2 of DVO) directly to the amp
  • TREBLE and BASS boost switches
  • backlighted footswitches

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